TMO Group provides deal advisory services for clients seeking to buy, sell or merge their company.  Transactions require knowledge and expertise to negotiate the right value and ensure the terms are executed completely to deliver the desired outcome.  Let us share with you how TMO Group will  add value and deliver your goals if you are seeking to sell or merge your business or acquire another company.  

Strategy and Planning

TMO Group has extensive experience in developing effective business strategies.  Whether you are introducing a new product nationally or locally, we can provide route to market strategy, planning and execution advice.  If you seek to expand your portfolio of brands or services, TMO Group can advise you on winning business strategies.  

Board Member

An "outsider" voice with relevant experience can deliver ongoing value to ownership and management. Just a few key decisions can make a positive or negative difference for decades.   It can create or destroy business value.  Why not benefit on a regular basis from a seasoned expert's knowledge and experience to improve your company?  

Expert Witness

Tim Owston led nationally for 18+ years the distributor network management for a top alcoholic  beverage supplier.  He is an expert in brand valuations, supplier consents and distribution agreements.  Let us know the expertise you are seeking for your litigation matter so we can determine if and how TMO Group can support your desired outcome.